How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

The life of a company, all entrepreneurs know, is not a long calm river, your company risks one day or another to be confronted with a negative opinion on the Internet because today freedom is given to speak out. Online comments and opinions are now an essential indicator for Internet users, 87% of whom admit to consulting them for information, evaluation and confirmation of their choices, according to the Ifop barometer for Opinion System, a specialist in controlled customer opinions. This survey was carrie out on a sample of 1003 people, representative of the French.

Close Your Eyes Regularly Monitoring

The web is part of today’s habits to watch, of course, on positive opinions but also to identify negative opinions, analyze them and take them into account. Several tools are available to track user reviews such as Google alerts. Your Google Account gives you the ability to create alerts Belize WhatsApp Number List a keyword (in this case, your company name) to receive emails about your business news, including customer reviews . Never be silent Never delay responding to a negative comment because you risk that the dissatisfied customer spreads his message by sharing it and that his criticism spreads on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Try to respond as quickly as possible to the user’s comment.

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Even If You Don’t Have the Whole Answer

Simply tell him that you thank him and that “his request is being processe. Responsiveness is a key asset because your customers will appreciate seeing that you attach importance to their opinion. Observe negative comments and if they are relevant, use them to improve your services. Avoid Fresco Data escalation effect that risks putting you in a weak position with your other customers by making it a point of honor to respond. Ask that we respect the rules The Internet is not a lawless zone! There are rules for those who want to express themselves. Most sites or forums have a charter of good conduct. Which generally includes the words “do not write insults. Incite crime or hatred or a message indicating that comments are subject to moderation.

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