How to Respond to Objections

Anticipate objections upstream To present your product or service, especially if your objective is to obtain an order, you have to anticipate. Most of the objections you will encounter are often the same. To become operational, note the various objections that you are opposed to in order to think ahead about the answer or the answers that you can bring to them. So when you are looking to get an appointment by phone, it is common to have certain objections, here are some examples: “I don’t have time” That’s why I’m calling you to set up an appointment with you when you have time. “I already have a supplier” This is an opportunity for you to compare the prices and services offered to you.

Rephrase the Objection to Be Better Understood

I am not interested” It is normal that you are not yet interested since I have not yet described what we are offering you. Most of the objections you encounter in this way can be easily and quickly countered if you have already planned the answer. Preparing several relevant answers will allow you. Depending on Venezuela phone number list the tone of your interlocutor or your relationship with him. To choose the appropriate answer. Rephrase the objection to be better understood The objections of your interlocutor are not related to what you presented. You feel the misunderstanding peeking through his nose. Do not hesitate to ask him to rephrase or clarify his thoughts.

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Take into Account the Different Reasons for the Objection

You will be able to better understand what bothers your interlocutor but also check that he has understood what you have just said to him. A message has a sender and a receiver. The fault is not always with that which listens. Do not forget it. Contextualize the objection The objection put Fresco Data sometimes does not correspond to reality. The famous “you are too expensive” is one of them. In this case the objection must be repositioned in relation to what you are offering. You may be more expensive than your competitor. But you may be offering a number of additional services that could save time or money. Do not hesitate to show your advantages and put the objection in this context.

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