How to Write for Prospects Not Competitors

Other profiles are probably reading you, such as: students seeking information for a research assignment simple curious people with no intention of buying your family or friends (you never know!) etc If they all flatter the editor’s ego, these readers do not have the same value: they are of course to be prioritized according to the objectives of your content marketing strategy. However, you will undoubtedly agree with me that the primary objective of a professional blog is to allow a company to acquire new customers (at least in 95% of cases!) . From there, it makes sense: if your readers are not potential buyers, they are not likely to become customers one day.

The question “for whom am I writing

Its response is directly linked to the increase in your turnover. We must not lose sight of the fact that a buying cycle is “dynamic”. On the internet. It consists of gradually moving your readers down your sales funnel. So that they in turn become prospects. Then customers. And finally promoters. Within PAPUA NEW GUINEA B2B EMAIL LIST cycle. Your competitors. On the other hand. Occupy a position that is static: they remain stuck at the “visitor” stage. Not only do they not buy your products/services. But they also do not recommend you to those around them. They are therefore low priority targets for your editorial strategy.

B2B Email List

The Internet Conversion Funnel

The online shopping journey How to avoid the wrong target Ok. You are well aware that you must first and foremost write for your prospects. It shouldn’t be too complicated. You think. Stop it! I’ll stop you right away. The exercise is more difficult than you think. As proof in my sector of activity. The many agencies that publish articles like “5 things a must know” (their article will clearly be read by colleagues…). Or “How to become a guru of social media” (a priori. A client does not need to become a “social media guru” himself: it is up to you to hold the key expertise of your profession; if your prospect becomes as gifted as you . All you have to do is put the key under the door.

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