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For you to create an INTERACTIVE DIGITAL VISIT CARD for your business, in a simple and professional way, awakening even more the credibility of your business. The great advantage of having an Interactive Virtual Business Card is that you can have a business card for your business in a more economical and modern way. Unlike traditional business cards, the Digital Business Card can be shared several times on the internet by you and your audience, and all this without generating additional costs. Another super interesting idea is to learn how to create Interactive Digital Business Cards and sell this service and get Extra Income.

And even during the article I’m going to give you several

Tips that will make all the difference in your Business Card, so stay until the end so you don’t miss any details. How to Create an Interactive Digital Business Card in Canva The Canva tool is a free tool that is Bulk SMS India very simple to use. To start creating our business card with Canva, just click on the Search tab and search for “Vertical Business Card”. Choose this option, which has a resolution of 50mm x 85 mm, which is ideal for creating our business card. When choosing the “Vertical Business Card” option, you will have the option to choose templates, but we recommend that you choose the blank version so that you will have more freedom to customize your virtual card.

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Look for references Before starting to create your virtual

Business card, look for references. That way you will find other works already done by Designers and you will have a good starting point to create a good professional business card for your business. You can find these references through Pinterest. Just access the Pinterest website, register Fresco Data if you don’t have an account, which is very simple and fast since you can use Google or Facebook to log in. And after logging into Pinterest , go to the search tab and search for terms like: “Virtual Business Card” “Digital business card” “Interactive Business Card” When searching for one of these terms, it will probably appear some references of Interactive Digital Business Cards. Just decide which ones you will use as a reference.

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