Is it possible to consult the medical history

Sometimes, for various reasons, a patient needs to consult the medical history at their health center. This process requires a series of security measures, since the information contained in a medical report is absolutely confidential. In this post we will tell you how. access this information.

Consult medical history
Consulting your own medical history is possible; you can do it in person, by going to your regular doctor, although some autonomous communities also offer the possibility of requesting this information online.

If you do it personally, the doctor can advise you regarding the process, normally it is enough to explain the reason why you want to consult your own history, whether in analog or digital format, in most cases it is possible for a person to consult your own medical history.

Can I consult other peoples medical history

For online inquiries. Some autonomous communities have a web portal in which you will have to complete some fields with private information.

The medical history is an absolutely private file and protect by purchase phone lists the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data, therefore, it is prohibit to consult the medical records of other people with one exception, a mother or a father can consult the history of their own children. if these are still minors.

Under no circumstances will you be able to consult the medical history of other people, medical information is private, personal and therefore, the medical professional is not authoriz to show medical information to other patients.

Reasons for consulting medical history

There are several reasons to request a medical history consultation, these are the most common.

File transfer: If you move your address, whether to another municipality, another city or another country, you can request a file consultation, in order to have your medical information available to your new family doctor. If you suffer from any type of chronic illness, this information will be especially relevant.
Treatment in a private clinic: If you are going to undergo specific treatment in a private clinic and your file is in a public health center, you can also request a consultation of your medical history.
Specific query: You can also access your history for Fresco Data a specific and private query.
At Clinic Cloud we develop digital software with which you can have a completely digitiz medical history, always available and protected bas on the requirements of the Organic Data Protection Law.

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