6 Keys to Improving the Conversion Rate of Your Videos

Many companies go into creating video content doubting its profitability. And yet, video content is taking up more and more space, in B2C but also in B2B. Statistics show that in the next few years, more than 70% of web traffic will be generated by video content. It is therefore essential to create content that is engaging, but also useful for the company. A simple video will not reach 1 million views without a real strategy ofmarketing videoto make it known. Likewise, potential prospects will not go to your website if they are not invited. For content to drive higher conversion, here are some tips. Youtube photo 1. Listen to your community The target of a video is your community. It is therefore important to first listen to them.

You Have to Understand Their Needs

This clearly define the profile of your potential customers: » What interests them? What are their needs ? What questions do they ask? Thus, it will be easier to define a common thread for each video. After uploading the first videos, it is important to analyze the feedback they generate. On the Kenya Business Email List hand, analyze the comments (on the video or on social networks) that will be sent to you. “You should improve the brightness, the sound…”, these are advices from your community that should be taken into account. On the other hand, analyze the statistics of the videos. Youtube offers relatively detailed Analytics. Thus, you will know the origin of your audience, the keywords that work in SEO, the average viewing time.

B2B Email List

All of These Will Tell You the Possible Negatives of the Content

Maybe your video is too long, the speaking pace is too slow, the call-to-actions are misplaced… Your video analytics are as important as your site’s. 2. Bet on collecting emails To convert as many of your audience as possible into customers, it is important to set up data collection tools on Fresco Data prospects. Two ways to collect the email addresses of your prospects: Set up an access form for your video content Integrate calls-to-actions to premium content to collect contact details Thereafter, you can implement a Marketing Automation strategy, as well as a regular newsletter to share your new content and assert your expertise. 3. Take care of the video intros As during a first meeting, the first seconds of a video are always decisive.

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