Laboratory software an adaptable program

Clinic Cloud is an adaptable medical software, all Clinic Cloud functions can be customiz, so you have all the tools you need. It can also be us as laboratory software with all the functions you ne for your daily work.

The functions of a laboratory can be manag with the Clinic Cloud medical software, below we review the functions of Clinic Cloud that adapt to the common tasks of a laboratory.One of the most useful functions of Clinic Cloud are those that refer to suppliers. Supplier management is essential for the supply of merchandise and for the financial balance, with Clinic Cloud you will not only be able to know the status of your stock in real time, You will also be able to generate balances and check payments and collections from suppliers whenever you need it.

Supplier contact and management

In the case of laboratories, having sufficient stock is essential. Laboratories work with all types of products that must be stored in an orderly telemarketing leads and safe manner. With Clinic Cloud you will have a very useful tool to organize and know the status of your warehouse at all times.

Data storage
Just as when we work with patient medical records, laboratories ne online spaces in which the data obtained is completely secure. With Clinic Cloud you have your own space in the cloud, to which only you and authoriz people can access.

The storage of this type of information must be confidential and is regulat by the Organic Law on Data Protection, with Clinic Cloud you comply with all the requirements of the LOPD and community legislation referring to the countries of the European Union.

Laboratory software adapted to you

Financial functions
Financial functions are also essential for a laboratory, even if they are not directly related to work in the laboratory itself.

Clinic Cloud has all kinds of tools aimed at the financial management of the laboratory. The management of collections and payments, in addition to balance sheets and all the company’s financial responsibilities, can be easily manag from Clinic Cloud.

Our goal is to offer you a tool with which you can organize all the financial responsibilities of your company, so that you can dedicate your time to what  Fresco Data truly matters.At Clinic Cloud we have worked with all types of companies related to the health sector, if you have any questions, contact Clinic Cloud.

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