Target to Better Manage Your Time

A relevant analysis makes it possible to identify the best opportunities. By geographical sector, by type of company (public, private, subsidiaries), by company size (turnover, number of positions, sites or employees), by sector of activity (transport, insurance, tourism, etc.) , by potential volume (equipment, services, rental), by function (IT directors, network administrator, CEO, purchasing managers, etc.), or even by type of need (first equipment, e-commerce, etc.). This analysis, simpler than it seems, enabled this reseller to discover surprising recurrences (and absences), and above all far removed from his “a priori” impressions.

Thus Most of His Turnover and Even Better

His margin was made with a large number of vses and mini smes (typical contact: the CEO) in services. Less than 20 km from his home and by certain small communities. Local. With the knowledge of all these elements. What to do? » We are overwhelmed with information. Figures. Percentages. And do Kenya phone number list always know how to use all of this to our advantage. To answer this. The expertise of the salespeople is the key. But also the time that a salesperson devotes to a client or a prospect is what he gives most preciously to his company. Also. Before wasting it. Let’s do a quick count. For what purpose? My objective (monthly. Quarterly. Annual. Etc.). Is divided between customers to be confirmed. And prospects to be unearthed.

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If for Example 30% of My Objectives

The search for new accounts. I devote to it. To be consistent. At least 30% of my time. So about 60 days per year. Or 5 (full!!) Days per month! The remaining 140 days will be devoted to consolidating and strengthening my existing clients. If one of these clients represents 10% of my turnover. I will Fresco Data therefore. In theory. Devote 14 days to him. Therefore more than 1 day per month. “But what can I do for one day every month with a client. When I just have to call him from time to time to keep in touch. And fill my order book” ? This is where the added value of the commercial takes on its full importance. The time I spend with a client can. Must. Be transformed into the time I spend for him. Helping him to be better. More efficient. More efficient.

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