Managing a Remote Customer Relationship

The remote client often brings to mind telephone centers and large operators. But entrepreneurs are sometimes also confronted with this type of customer relationship, particularly when they have a presence on a national or even international scale. It remains to know how to maintain a good customer relationship when face-to-face is not possible? A matter of preparation As an entrepreneur, you are used to meeting different clients, very often in relaxed situations: over coffee, over lunch… However, your clients may be far from you. This situation turns out to be quite complex, especially when it comes to an important client and you need to maintain a very good relationship.

Stay Reasonable on the Frequency of Contact

The distance requires the use of appropriate tools and, in this case. It is better to favor the telephone or videoconference. In addition to strengthening the ties between you and your client, these tools will allow you to gain more credibility than with a simple email. During a call or a videoconference France WhatsApp Number List your client’s. Availability, agree beforehand on a time to call you. A busy or rushed customer will pay little or no attention to your speech, which could well penalize you. Before the telephone meeting, communicating by e-mail in order to fix the date and time is judicious. Planning in advance will also allow you to prepare and know the arguments that you will put forward so as not to scatter yourselves over the course of the conversation.

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Distance Does Not Prevent Prospecting

Unlike the appointment you are used to, a call that is too long can quickly become boring. So you have less time to expand on each topic. Once you’ve prepared for your call, don’t forget that, even from a distance, customer relations remain essential. Adopting a good tone of voice will help Fresco Data while choosing the right words. Although it may seem obvious, a shaky speech will make you lose credibility. And if it’s a videoconference, take care of your appearance, especially if you’re making the call from home. Remember, paying attention to detail means paying attention to your interviewer. Distance does not prevent prospecting Despite appearances, prospecting can also be done remotely.

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