Managing payments in a health clinic with Clinic Cloud

Payment management is a basic tool for a health clinic. With Clinic Cloud you have several resources to control all your patients’ payments automatically.

On this occasion we are going to review all the Clinic Cloud functions related to payment management.

Payment management and cash analysis
You have a complete monthly analysis, with which you can organize all your payments in a simple way.

The monthly calculation is automatic, Clinic Cloud is responsible for grouping all your charges for the month, showing the total balance.

Payment management and cash analysis

Another function of the Clinic Cloud payment module is payment segmentation. You can also automatically check the volume of payments in cash, card or transfer.

The monthly cash analysis allows you to quickly phone lists view all the payments that have been made to your clinic month by month, and it is also generat automatically. All your cashier data can be export, or sent directly to your manager.

Automatic collection schedule
All those charges that you have not in your agenda will appear automatically once they have been made.

At Clinic Cloud we want to help you with the payment management of your clinic, that is why we have develop tools with which you do not have to worry about entering data, all record payments are stor automatically, in a secure and confidential way.

Work with a custom management module

Many medical clinics have the services of an agency to balance their accounts. At Clinic Cloud we have develop a module in which both payments and any financial movement of your company are stor. This module is customizable and all the data you ne arrives automatically.

Pending or late payments
In addition to the payments already execut, in Clinic Cloud you also have a module for pending and delinquent payments.

A health center must control pending payments, which is why our software has a specific tool for patients with pending payments.

Another option that you can also handle is the Fresco Data registration of partial payments. If you offer the possibility of financing and payment in installments, you will be able to manage all your patients’ accounts in the simplest way.

Cloud payment management
All information regarding your patients’ payments is stor securely and confidentially in the cloud, so you can access your billing data whenever you ne it.

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