Managing vouchers for a medical clinic with Clinic Cloud

Clinic bonuses are an excellent way to retain your patients, through multi-session treatments that you can manage with Clinic Cloud medical software.

The bonus registration module offers you the possibility of completely managing all your bonuses in real time, so you can check their status whenever you need it.

What are bonuses and what advantages do they have?
Clinic vouchers are treatments that consist of several sessions. During the duration of the voucher, the patient receives the planned sessions. However, it is essential to control the number of sessions, payments, etc.

Among the main advantages of clinic bonuses we highlight the following.

Bonus management with Clinic Cloud

It is the best way to build patient loyalty, since bonuses encourage a person to follow a complete treatment over time.
The vouchers allow the patient to undergo treatment without interruptions, which is, in most cases, very beneficial for their health.
The vouchers usually have discounts for requesting the complete treatment.
The bonds usually have a payment plan, and can be paid periodically or in one go.
Most medical clinics have vouchers for treatments, at Clinic Cloud we help you with the management of these records.

At Clinic Cloud we offer you a specific tool so you can organize your bonuses and check their current status. Among the main functions of the Clinic Cloud software we highlight the following.

Clinic management with Clinic Cloud

You have a record of all the bonuses made, so you can check the balance of bonuses whenever you need.
You can also check the status of payments. You have a plan for each bonus, which specifies the total cost and the payment made.
Check its expiration date and the time available for each bonus.
Manage various types of bonuses depending on the treatment your patients receive.
Search based on different filters to find and manage similar bonuses.
Check the status of patient bonuses.
Thanks to the functions of the Clinic Cloud software you Fresco Data will be able to keep absolute control of your clinic’s bonuses, including payments and the number of sessions available.

At Clinic Cloud we offer you an online clinic manager tailored to you, so that you have all the advantages of working in the cloud.

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