Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud the War Is Declared

I invite you to find an article published on and covering most of ourcomparison of Marketing Automation solutions. A fast-growing sector that has accounted for most of the IT investments of marketing departments for several years. Automated marketing is THE major trend of 2015. Cloud Marketing solutions. Created on the basis of Marketing Automation. Have become real 360° communication levers to make brands autonomous and able to maintain a customer relationship from A to Z in one to one. In short. Marketing Automation is booming. As is the market for these marketing solutions. Oracle. Salesforce. Adobe. IBM… Big names exchanging blows in a very competitive context. Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud.

Neolane, Oracle Salesforce

Marketo, and other challengers, is facing fierce competition. The goal? Become the new Salesforce in the sector… Unlike the advent of Salesforce in the early 2000s, nobody expected Marc Benioff and his teams on the CRM Cloud. Today: Cloud computing is more trendy than ever, it also Thailand Business Email List a very interesting economic model for providers of marketing solutions in Cloud mode. And in this game, money is the sinews of war, a fight that has already been played out on a small number of acquisitions. The goal? Being able to offer a completely integrated offer (if possible with the in-house CRM) on automated marketing (landing pages, emailing, data-mining), content marketing, social networks and many other aspects of Inbound marketing.

B2B Email List

We are far from the image of a war of positions

sheltered and wait-and-see. The trend today is towards a lightning attack, a financial blitzkrieg since the advance of big names like Oracle, Salesforce or Adobe has gone through purchases amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars for businesses whose turnover is often 5 to 10 times Fresco Data than the amount invested… The confrontation will sometimes turn into a demonstration of its financing capacities to disgust the competitors. In short, the point of this article is to analyze the offers in place in the sector and their ranking in a conflict that is settled with billions of dollars.

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