6 Tips to Measure and Exploit Your Customer Satisfaction

Know the customer’s problem Many salespeople rush to offer products or solutions to customers without even knowing what they really want. It is imperative that you ask them what they expect from you before offering them any other service. By being an active listener, they’ll know you’re interested in them, something customers love. Also, regularly carry out a satisfaction survey, so your consumers will no longer be so volatile. Tip 2. Observe social media or company website To prevent customers from tarnishing your reputation on social media, which could be fatal for your business, you could ask them to write their comments on your site or page. This way, you could respond to them in real time.

Involve Sales People, Accountants or Technicians

However, don’t make promises you won’t keep just to silence potential bad reviews. Offer concrete solutions. Tip 3. Review the terms with your call center The long waits on the telephones as well as the interminable call transfers tire the customers. No one wants to hear the same story told over and over Bahrain WhatsApp Number List again, so make sure your clients don’t experience this kind of torture. Remind your operators that they reflect the image of your company. Active listening will give more humanity during the exchange with the client. Avoid at all costs that the customer has the impression of talking to a machine. Also, don’t put too much pressure on your operators, give them breaks. Tip 4. Distinguish urgent problems from elementary ones.

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Play the Mystery Shopper

There are some cases where customers really need a solution very quickly, they may even give extra money to fix their urgent problems. Know how to give importance to these problems, you could even offer a “premium” service. Tip 5. Involve sales people, accountants or technicians Have all Fresco Data departments step in to explain the source of problems to customers in the event of an inconvenience. The salesperson may need a technician to consult a device before selling it, or for after-sales service. Tip 6. Play the “mystery shopper” Hire outsiders to act as mystery shoppers. This technique allows you to measure the effectiveness of your staff. Following this, ask these people which ones they appreciated and which points need to be reviewed in the company.

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