Single image post this is the most classic

Of all, a simple image per post, but it is very effective. So, because it’s a single unit, users tend to like it more because it’s simple and delivers everything they need. It is in this post format that you should insert infographics, inspiring phrases, well-placed photos of the products or something that draws attention to your service. Stories instagram stories allows you to quickly post photos or videos that are available for up to 24 hours. Therefore, it is the most functional way to humanize your brand and get closer to your followers. So try to post stories regularly, presenting different content, such as positive sales experiences and using the question box to relate to the public..

And an extra tip try to use the stickers

So that the stories become interactive, that way your story gains more visibility. Reels reels is a relatively new format on instagram that uses the algorithm to create a gallery of short videos based on your interests. In this gallery, you’ll find popular audios, video trends (the famous trends) and you’ll notice that most videos are no more than a minute long. Consequently, your reels can appear SMS Gateway Brunei on the profile of any instagram user, even if you are not a follower. Despite this, you need to learn to use this to your advantage and adapt your content to trends. So you can familiarize your niche with anyone. Also read: videos for social networks: why are they so important? Live broadcast you can also broadcast the famous lives on instagram, another good way to communicate with the public.

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During the lives viewers can send messages

To you, enabling a chat with questions that your followers have. You can also take advantage of this resource to make a direct sale, through an exclusive promotion of a product. Extra tips you don’t charge yourself to create new content every day of the week, that can be tiring. What you Fresco Data can do is choose a day to recycle content and have time to design and plan the next week. To facilitate this process, create sections in your feed, each with different subjects. That way, you can recycle content if something that was previously posted also fits in another section. Remembering that for these tips to work, constancy is needed.

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