Most Common Patient Care Complaints

Claims related to patient care are the most common in a clinic. Cloud management allows us to solve a very high percentage of complaints. In this post we are going to see which are the most common complaints relat to patient care in clinics and hospitals, and how they can be solved thanks to cloud management. cloud.

Waiting list times
Waiting to receive medical attention is usually. Whether in emergency services or surgical interventions, many patients perceive that waiting times for medical services are excessively long.

The most repeated complaints in health centers

Appointment management in the cloud allows you to reduce waits and manage patients with urgent needs in real time. It is a very efficient way to telephone list manage medical appointments and give priority to the patients who need it most.

Lack of informed consent
It is one of the claims that has grown the most in recent years. The Spanish Data Protection Law, as well as several European Union directives, require patients’ digital data to be stored in secure spaces, but they also require obtaining explicit consent signed by the patient in many cases.

Clinic Cloud medical software includes options that facilitate patient consent, as it works with digital consents and includes the possibility of operating with an electronic signature.

A health center must have basic rules

Organization and rules
The organization and standards of the health center are one of the most frequent causes of complaints. That regulate the relationship between patients and between patients and medical professionals.

Personal care
It is the main complaint in primary care cases. Many times personal care problems appear when a patient. Hears a recommendation or diagnosis that she does not agree with, but in general. All types of cases occur.
Personal treatment with the patient is part of medical care, and in most cases it is essential for the patient to perceive that the medical service they have received has been adequate.

If you want to offer your Fresco Data patients an adapted and effective service, contact Clinic Cloud and start working in the cloud with medical software adapted to your clinic.

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