My Positioning Excludes Potential Customers So Much the Better

The fear of displeasing? In this process, there is often the underlying fear that by being too specific we exclude potential customers who would not recognize themselves in us because entrepreneurship often consists in proposing an offer in accordance with our tastes, our values ​​and our personality as a project leader. Thus the desire for total adherence to the brand becomes an imperative. Finally, the fear lies in the fact of excluding and this is what we want to avoid at all costs. We often hear: “I don’t want to exclude this or that type of person because of a brand positioning that is too sharp or too specific”. Thus, we regularly see project leaders coming who remain in an ultra-consensual and smooth positioning.

The Fear of Displeasing

However, this should not be feared. It is above all necessary to ask the right questions. Those which are oriented on the customers and on the services or products that we offer. What exactly do you bring to others What are you selling? What problems are you solving with what you are offering? And Peru phone number list are you selling it to? Be customer oriented From the moment we are clear with our objective, those who need what we offer will be attracted to our brand. It is about responding exactly to their needs. So there is no feeling of exclusion. It also remains to accept that it is better not to please everyone except to lose your personality and besides that would still be impossible.

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If You Want to Please Everyone

It is above all a question of thinking about satisfying a certain type of need but also your desires. Because the problem is that very often, when you don’t want to take risks and you stay in the very consensual, no one really recognizes themselves there either. To sum up: If you want to please Fresco Data everyone, you won’t please anyone… Moreover, we can illustrate the point with a few examples of brands which, by targeting a very specific and sharp image target, succeeded in attracting a much larger population which recognized itself in part in the brand and adhered to its values. The Kooples, a priori a brand of cool young couples.

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