Optimize the Launch of Your Mobile Application with App Annie

You have just finished your great mobile application which will dethrone Snapchat and other Candy Crush! It’s all the harm I wish you. But to hope to bring your mobile application to this stage, you will have to work on an essential point: the launch . As in any project, the launch is one of the most important parts, because it is he who will condition the sequence of events of the project. In terms of mobile applications , there is a reference tool for launching and monitoring your application : App Annie . So let’s take a tour of the owner! What is App Annie? App Annie is a service allowing you to follow the evolution of your application during its life cycle.

Thus, You Will Know Exactly Its Number

Downloads, or what it brings you. It is in a way the Google Analytics of mobile applications. App Annie will provide the following app information: Know your rank in French Polynesia Business Email List ranking of each store Know your competitors through the use of keywords Follow hour by hour the number of downloads concerning it Track the income it generates Know the votes of its users Be notified if it is “promoted” by the blinds But that’s not all ! App Annie goes further thanks to its “intelligence” tool, which will help its users in their decision-making thanks to very advanced data.

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Thus, App Annie Will Make It Possible

Know the income of its competitors and therefore to follow the evolution of the market. Moreover, this toolmartechcalculates the ideal number of downloads to reach according to the objective. The importance of all this data in the launch of your application App Annie Fresco Data improves app launch. Indeed, thanks to the tools seen previously, and in particular the “intelligence” tool, we will be able to build an action plan based on real data: those of our competitors. And thus know the potential of the application (and therefore set realistic objectives) and optimize its commercial development.

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