Focus on the Job of E-Crm Project Manager

What if any online publication, whether content or video, had an optimal size to respect? In any case, this is what Kevan Lee tried to demonstrate in aarticleshown in the infographic below. The reaction to the length of content is scientifically proven according to a study conducted by the Buffer team. From the subject contained in an email to the length of a paragraph, passing of course by the optimal number of characters of a tweet: everything is reviewed. We thus learn that a tweet of about 100 characters has on average a better sharing rate and generates more web traffic. If this quantitative doctrine pleads for an intelligent and concise writing, the fact remains that the message always matters and is essential, even if the form has an important impact.

Among the Discoveries to Highlight

The url extension of a page is better referenced by Google if it is between 50 and 60 characters. – The blog posts that buzz the most are usually around 1600 words. – The ideal length of a presentation is 18 minutes. I.e. That of a coffee break (with lots of cookies). – A Facebook post should Northern Mariana Island business email list exceed 40 characters . 60 less than for twitter (100 characters being the optimal number). If you have difficulty defining action plans insocial media marketingof your company. Do not hesitate to contact us.The job of e-CRM project manager An e-CRM project manager manages customer relations on the Internet: he straddles the marketing department and customer service.

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It Has a Major Objective to Retain Customers

Acquired to boost their purchases and keep them away from the competition. In particular. He is responsible for: customer database management analysis of this data the implementation of loyalty actions. He must also ensure customer satisfaction so that they return regularly to the site. To do this. The e-CRM project manager must establish an appropriate loyalty strategy. With the best tools and at the lowest cost: he must build a personalized relationship with each customer. For example. By suggesting products adapted to their profile. The optimization of the customer database is therefore one of his main missions: thanks to the various statistical analysis tools. He will deepen as much as possible the knowledge of each visitor to the e-commerce site.

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