Prospecting in Times of Crisis

It may seem paradoxical, and yet… Contrary to appearances, the crisis can turn out to be a good time to find new customers . Of course, appearances are against this idea. The market is slowing down, requests are becoming rarer, customers are procrastinating. They hesitate, postpone their orders or even cancel them altogether. Besides, you yourself have probably already lost business – or know a loved one who has just lost some. However, if a contract was taken away from you, another won it. You follow me ? It’s now or never to dig into other people’s business. In times of crisis , in fact, contractors review all of their processes. They are on the lookout for the slightest economy.

Finally, Cultivate Your Network

All departments are involved: communication, general services, production and, of course, purchasing. In this context of generalized questioning, start your prospecting by systematically relaunching the prospects who have turned you down over the past year. In your database, you have kept the Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List details of companies with whom contact ceased after the first or second telephone conversation. Remind them. Swap client files However, do not give up the BA BA prospecting. Continue to read the economic and financial press to identify your prospects’ needs, their strategies and find out who has terminated important contracts with their suppliers. Surf the websites of the sectors of activity in which you work and subscribe to their newsletters.

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The 5 Golden Rules of a Winning Phone Call

Watch for rankings published by the press, such as “The 100 companies that matter in your region”. You can also buy address and contact files, but this is expensive. To lower your costs, offer exchanges of listings to non-competing companies after making sure that they contain the Fresco Data of the leaders, their direct line number and their e-mail address. Finally, cultivate your network. In times of crisis, he remains an excellent business provider. The network is made up of both your professional contacts and your personal acquaintances: members of your family, friends and friends of friends, company directors or occupying key positions in large companies. Don’t wait for them to hand you contracts on a silver platter! Solicit them to be featured or to get a decision maker’s email.

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