Start-Up Do You Necessarily Have to Sell to Grow

An example to better understand the issues Founded in 2005, personal finance management site Wesabe raised $4.7 million before closing in 2010. In a blog post titled “Why Wesabe Lost to Mint,” co-founder Marc Hedlund returns to the reasons for the failure of the start-up (its competitor Mint was bought by Intuit for 170 million dollars in 2009). “ Even before our launch, we had heard that other people were working on similar ideas, and a large number of companies quickly jumped on our heels. None of them seemed to really go very far, however, and we were considere the leader in online personal finance until September 2007, when Mint launched and won the first TechCrunch 40 conference.

Innovate to Outperform the Competition

We were consider second best at best, and they eclipsed our site and everyone else’s. Two years later, Mint was acquir by Intuit, the makers of Quicken (and after Mint launched, the makers of Quicken Online) for $170 million. Just under a year later, Wesabe closed its doorss. Selling is the sinews of Belarus WhatsApp Number List And so you must first know how to sell and highlight the product or service that you are offering. Arousing the desire to buy is a key and it is enough to enter a store or sit down at a restaurant table to know that creating the role of the masters of the place is to make you salivate in the literal sense as well as in the figured.

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Choose Successful Companies as Partners

The primacy of customer satisfaction to grow your business According to its etymology, a start-up constitutes a beginning which aspires only to continue; and whoever says beginning says novelty. It therefore arises, on the scale of the business world, as the latest arrival, which must prove Fresco Data to claim any place in this complex world. In this context, the desire to make big profits takes second place, ahead of a commercial policy based on the good quality of the products or services offered, and above all on approach techniques aimed at “baiting” the customer, such as discounts, raffles, personalized products… Build customer loyalty to assert its existence A start-up must have a commercial policy different from that of old companies.

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