Sell Your Business or Not?

Reasons cited by entrepreneurs Every business ends up disappearing or being taken over. Contrary to popular belief, retirement is not the main reason for selling a business. Generally, business leaders mention the following reasons: health problems, professional burn-out , internal struggles, death, family problems (divorce, separation, etc.), incompetent heirs in the field of management, loss of shares in the market, etc The reasons mentioned during the business transfer prove that sometimes it is difficult to predict this decision. It is therefore very important to plan a real disposal plan to deal with contingencies.

Experience Sometimes Makes One Skeptical on the Subject

What to do in times of generalized financial crisis? So far, many companies have not yet recovered from the financial crisis that has rocked the markets since 2008. Some SME managers see the outlook darkening and results deteriorating. Under these conditions, they become discouraged and Brazil WhatsApp Number List to sell their business. Certainly, this motivation is understandable, but it is dangerous. An informed buyer can understand the few prospects offered by a company sold under these conditions. If you are thinking of selling your business by hiding the figures, know that you lose all credibility when the buyer realizes your trickery after an audit. If the deception is discovered after the assignment, you run right to trial.

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Better to Plan Everything in Advance

Depending on the sector of activity, the financial crisis may not have a considerable impact on the sale price.recovery of SMEs. The current tax context is also a plus for those who are considering selling their business. The most important thing is to be honest and to take the necessary steps so Fresco Data the future buyer is inform. About the state of the business before proceeding to the deed of transfer. Experience sometimes makes one skeptical on the subject After reading the article “An Acquisition Is the End of a Dream” published in 2013 in INC magazine, we realize that some entrepreneurs have good reason to be skeptical about the decision to sell their business. This article is about an interview with Jake Lodwick, the co-founder of Vimeo.

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