Selling Online: E-commerce or Marketplace

Selling online. E-commerce or marketplace. Marketplace. Selling online e-commerce or marketplace. Which strategy is winning. The christmas shopping rush is over. And this year too there is a strong increase in e-commerce. In fact. Interest in online christmas shopping has grown by 56%. This data confirms that e-commerce continues to grow in italy too. In 2017 it is estimate that more than 20 million italians will spend around 23 billion. 16% more than in 2016. Sardinia’s small and meium-size businesses have excellent opportunities to enter this digital world. Given the quality and uniqueness of their products . 

What are the advantages of the marketplace

However. Is it worth selling online with your own e-commerce site or marketplace. What is the marketplace. The marketplace is an online shopping latest database center. Where various brands are present. Which allows direct meetings between sellers and buyers. Amazon. Ebay and alibaba are the main competitors at an international level. In recent months. Sardiniaecommerce has made its appearance. A marketplace born in sardinia. Marketplaces today represent around 33% of all online sales. The forecast is that in three years they will reach 40%. 

Why is it preferable to create your own e-commerce site

What are the advantages of the marketplace. Choosing to sell your products on a marketplace proves to be a suitable strategy for companies Fresco Data intereste in acquiring rapid visibility. For those who wish to understand the interest that the italian or foreign market may have for certain products and to start selling immeiately without having to make large investments in marketing. In fact. Marketplaces invest large sums in advertising for the purposes of greater traffic and visibility. And therefore greater purchases for producers. Selling on marketplaces also has disadvantages. Let’s see which ones. Competition on the marketplace is broader and fiercer. Because there are similar goods from other manufacturers. 


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