Why you should care about keywords with low

Finding high-converting keywords without too much competition is an SEO dream. No matter what training you received, formal or on-the-job, you’ll often be told to target keywords with high search volume at any stage of your career. But these fancy terms aren’t everything when it comes to increasing overall visibility or increasing conversions on your site.

Knowing what to do with low search volume keywords can make the difference between creating a page that ranks, attracts users, and converts, or one that sits on pages 5, 6, or 7 of the SERPs.

There isn’t always ideal search volume. One of the best practices in keyword research is to not get caught up in the numbers.

Is there an ‘ideal’ search volume

In some industries, valuable keywords may have over 10,000 monthly searches, while in others, they may have fewer than 100.

We all know that search volume is one of the most important factors when choosing target keywords. Other than honing your writing skills, there’s no use posting content about terms no one is searching for.

This doesn’t mean that keywords with higher search volume Ws Data will always have an advantage over keywords with lower search volume.

Bulk keywords can help you increase traffic to your content, but they may not always be the best option. Keywords that are often too broad and not optimized for intent can cause misunderstandings in the person writing the content, leading to pages that users are not happy with.

How Much Lower Can You Go the Answer

Your goal should be a good mix of low and high search volume keywords. This will allow you to drive targeted traffic to your site while still competing in the SERPs for moderately competitive keywords.

How much lower can you go?
The answer to this depends entirely on your industry. If your service Fresco Data or advice is very niche, you can use bulk search keywords to compete in the SERPs.

However, you may find that these widely searched terms are not very common (compared to the larger field). If you’re not sure, a good SEO agency can help you differentiate between time-wasting keywords and valuable keywords.

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