Six Characteristics of Youtube Savvy Users

Analyzed in a previous infographic the10 Myths About youtube Users. As Facebook increasingly tries to take over the online video market. It’s interesting to actually know the most frequent users of youtube. The information presented comes straight from youtube’s parent company. Google. The infographic is certainly from 2013. But it contains important information. Which should not have changed much. Youtube users are highly connected Over 65% of youtube users use a smartphone . 22% used a tablet in 2013. It is very likely that this figure has increased significantly since then. Users seem to be very adept at multidevices. Since they are 2.5 times more numerous to navigate between at least 2 distinct devices.

Only Multi-Device But Also Totally Addicted

Their smartphone or tablet, with 2.7 times more respondents than the average not being able to live without their smartphone . YouTube users are thought leaders The statistics detailed in the infographic show us that, overall, YouTube users are twice as likely to share/talk about the Laos Business Email List they like , to give their opinion on services or products… They can therefore be real ambassadors for your brand. YouTube is the first site consulted to see videos 73% of users consider YouTube to be the number one site for viewing video content . However, only 37% believe that the second largest search engine in the world offers quality channels . The main reasons for using Youtubeare : entertainment and relaxation, learning and information, Networking and sharing.

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The Most Viewed Channel Categories Follow

The logic of the topics that attract users to YouTube: Entertainment, Music, Movies, Sports and TV Shows are at the top. YouTube users are also increasingly putting TV aside. 26% believe that YouTube fits their lifestyle better than TV and 46% believe that they find more exclusive content on Fresco Data than on TV. In addition, nearly half of Internet users browse the web with the television on in the background . YouTube users share “Pleasure in giving, joy in receiving” is a good description of YouTube users. In fact, nearly 50% of users regularly share content they have watched on YouTube with their friends, and 46% of users tell their friends about videos they have watched on YouTube. An equally striking figure: 39% of Internet users regularly share their opinions on a blog or a community platform.

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