Slideshare Tips and Basics Article

In addition to our article How and why to use Slideshare in B2B I am offering you today some basic notions and tips on using Slideshare. SlideShare is a professional document hosting and sharing platform created in 2006 and acquired in 2012 by LinkedIn. the primary objective is to offer didactic documents with a commercial vocation. Since its creation, the platform has become a networking tool but above allbrand communications. Indeed, by publishing documents highlighting your expertise in your field, this can allow you to improve your online reputation as well as your notoriety. In a way, it is a YouTube document version, it is possible to publish files, PDFs, Powerpoint presentations.

What Uses for Slideshare

Take care of your brand image enhance their expertise improve its notoriety develop your address book to prospect publish your content on your professional accounts How to get started on SlideShare? Tips for taking advantage of SlideShare offer presentations focusing on visuals: favor poorly Latvia phone number list presentations, adapt to sharing and therefore readable on a blog for example, highlight your brand on your presentations use an impactful title use keywords for your titles don’t forget the description use links to improve SEO linked your professional accounts (social networks) to your account publish extracts of paid documents offered for download set up a dedicated channel.

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A Kind of Mini Site

On the platform which allows you to present your activities. Contact details and all of your content In the long term. SlideShare can allow you to be recognize for your expertise and thus be invite to conferences. This can also allow you to create a real visual impact on your stakeholders, you can Fresco Data share your presentations on Linkedln. SlideShare will allow you to expand your professional network as much with the people who follow your publications as with the people you follow. The publication of content on this site can convey word of mouth and allow you to create buzz on the web thanks to sharing on social networks. One of the significant advantages with SlideShare is that this sharing platform is available via an application for Android, smartphones.

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