software for dentists and patient monitoring

Having software for dentists and patient monitoring is the best solution to organize odontograms, medical records and clinic management.

At Clinic Cloud we offer you specific functions for dental health professionals and of course, all the medical management tools you need for your clinic.

Clinic Cloud’s software for dentists and patient monitoring has various tools specially developed for dentists, below we review the main ones.

Medical diary for dentists
Managing time in a dental clinic is essential, with Clinic Cloud you will be able to organize several agendas simultaneously and in real time, in addition, all your information will be stor in the cloud, preventing it from being manipulat.

Medical records can be personaliz, in this way we can generate specific electronic medical records for dental diagnoses.

Features for dentists with Clinic Cloud

When we generate medical records it is important that they adapt to the needs of the medical professional, in our software you can generate telephone biz different views per patient, in addition, all the information is stor securely and in accordance with the data protection laws of Spain and the Union European.

Odontograms are very useful for dentists, however it is difficult to find specific programs capable of generating really useful odontograms. At Clinic Cloud we have a specific module, with which you can use an odontogram for each patient and modify it whenever you need it.

Clinic Cloud’s dental and patient monitoring software also offers you functions aimed at clinic management.

Functions for dental clinic management

Obviously, the main functions are focused on the patient, but it is also important to control cash flows, marketing basics or supplies available in stock.

Clinic Cloud offers you different options to manage the financial aspects of your clinic, a very useful function, even if you work with an agency, since you will be able to have an exact balance whenever you need it.

It also allows you to manage your orders and know the status of your warehouse in real time.

The most complete software for dentists
Unlike other clinical management programs , Clinic Cloud has Fresco Data all kinds of customization options for dental clinics. If you want to enjoy a tool adapt to you, contact Clinic Cloud and start working with specific software for your work.

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