Some Techniques to Conquer Your Client

Listen To seduce well, you have to listen to the other to know their interests more than to speak. There is no point in revealing yourself if what you are going to say will displease your interlocutor . You may also come across as a narcissistic talker. In the same way in sales, you must first know what interests your customer before structuring your sales pitch in your head and then telling him according to what he expects. There is no point talking to him about the longevity of the battery if all he cares about is the performance of the machine, for example. To encourage him to talk as much as possible, do not hesitate to repeat his last word and to formulate it in question or to leave a blank.

That He Will Try to Fill in So as Not to Be Uncomfortable

Mysterious In seduction, it is often advisable not to reveal everything about you in a few seconds. To fully understand your client, you must bounce back from these interventions Macedonia phone number list revealing yourself as little as possible. You don’t have hours in front of you, like when you’re trying to seduce, so there’s no need to tell him your whole pitch. When you formulate it, stay a little evasive and leave gray areas in order to tickle her curiosity and get her to ask you about one of your strong points. You can feign innocence on a strong selling point. 3/ Respond brilliantly to customer objections As in seduction, there are many objections for sale.

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Successfully Counter Your Customers’ Objections

You might as well have prepared the answers in advance. These objections are all the more numerous on the phone when you want to make an appointment with your prospect. If, for example, he says to you, “I don’t have time”, you can easily answer him: “that’s why I’m calling you to fix an Fresco Data when you have time”. If he says “I’m not interested” , you can also answer him. That’s why I’m calling you to present this solution that might interest you. Choose your words wisely Your words must be well chosen to highlight your proposal. If your speech is not prepare, you might as well say that it will be approximate and that the words you use may not be up to your performance.

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