Improving Your Sales the Soncas Method

You have to understand your prospect and the motivations that lead him to buy your product. The SONCAS method is based on rational and irrational data that drives everyone to buy a product. Its acronym stands for: Security, Pride, Novelty, Comfort, Money and Sympathy. Security: a basic element It represents one of the first arguments in insurance but also in real estate. It plays on fear and proves to be a powerful selling factor. If your product or service reassures your prospect, it can therefore be one of the arguments that encourages him to take action. People sensitive to this argument are generally quickly distressed by hazards and like everything that makes them feel safe.

Sympathy Simple but Effective

The lexicon adopted is one that reassures with words such as: protection, reliability, security, inviolability, troubleshooting, etc. The more you show that the solution is reliable or that your service is of quality in the event of glitches, the more impact it will have. on your target. Pride. When the ego Nigeria phone number list its place Let it be said, everyone has a more or less assertive ego. If we often conceive the pride of SONCAS as the fact of flattering the buyer, this is actually not the case. Of course, people who are sensitive to it will tend to appreciate it, but they are not fooled. Playing on pride means above all to show that the product or service will highlight the person concerned or that it will specifically meet their unique need.

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Money Still a Powerful Argument

The lexicon must therefore tend to value the individual with expressions such as top-of-the-range, unique, privilege, tailor-made or even exception. Do not seek in this case to make your buyer a person like everyone else but to show him that by buying your product / service he will stand out from Fresco Data crowd. New: for those who like to be up to date Some like everything new. This develops in them a feeling of belonging to an elite. Early adopters are often sensitive to this argument and like to be the first to test a solution. A good part of them are often influencers . These people like to be informed of the information before everyone else and do not hesitate to spend a lot. Go to previews or to get information before everyone else.

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