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Apart from that. The content should be evergreens don’t age it with a specific year in the script if you can avoid it. Hootsuite labs studio source. Google 13. Don’t be afraid to rank twice youtube isn’t like google when it comes to seo you can go after the same keyword multiple times without running into cannibalization issues. As well. Youtube videos aren’t judge as webpages. So you won’t be penalize if you have multiple videos ranking for the same keyword on google. Either. In fact. Our research found that both google and youtube are more than happy to rank different videos from the same channel twice. As you can see below. 

YouTube Video Is Currently Ranking

Multiple hootsuite lab videos appearing in same search result. Helpful youtube seo tools there are several. Helpful youtube seo tools on the market today. These tools can help you optimize your youtube channel. Analyze the performance of individual videos. Track keyword rankings. And more. Here’s a breakdown of our top six. Emrush the keyword overview tool from semrush is increibly useful for researching business database seo content topics in google. Which is great content inspiration for your youtube channel. It provides specific keyword data such as monthly volume of searches. Competition. And serp placement. Plus. It compiles a master list of relate keywords base on similar search queries.

Any Other YouTube Videos Linking to It

Which you can use to break your content topics down even further. Most importantly. Semrush shows you which keywords have video-rich results on google. These keywords are good opportunities for youtube videos. As it means there is an opportunity for your video to show up on a google serp page not just in the video tab. Keep in mind. All keyword research tools pull data from search engines not youtube. That Fresco Data said. In our experience. This data is generally applicable to youtube as well. Ahrefs ahrefs is another great tool for keyword research and provides the same data and caveats as semrush. One thing to note is that plugging a youtube url into ahrefs gives you youtube keyword data as well.

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