Door-To-Door Sales Is It Still Effective

Home selling is a clever solution that allows a company to reduce its costs! This is why it is so popular. The technique has only advantages, insofar as the reseller is paid according to his results. The Direct Selling Federation wanted to better understand the purpose of the Direct Selling professions and to identify their developments in recent years, in particular the consequences of the Covid-19 health crisis. The FVD, in collaboration with the IFOP, conducted a survey of a sample of 5,199 people, as part of a consultation of employees and affiliates of Federation companies. An optimistic climate The study highlights the real optimism of direct sales advisers, compared to all French employees feel confident, 26% say they are fit, and 23% serene.

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Their current state of mind through negative terms. Such as the fact of feeling tired for 27% of them and which one could link to the current exceptional circumstances. A profession that arouses enthusiasm 94% of respondents have a good image of the sector. Including 35% a very good image. The Guatemala phone numbers list of independence. Flexibility and adaptability of the activity are particularly popular. The absence of pressure from the hierarchy. The possibility of exercising anywhere. Of choosing one’s pace of work and of keeping time for oneself are all motivating factors. The personalized advice and the human relationship at the heart of the DNA of Direct Selling are also highly appreciated.

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Their Relatives to Work in Direct Sales

A sign of the exceptional attractiveness of the sector. The health crisis. A brake? The study shows that the health crisis has only slightly impacted the optimism of advisers regarding their activity: 70% of respondents consider that it has made it possible to reinvent the way in which they carry out Fresco Data activity. The use of different means of communication has been a valuable aid in replacing face-to-face meetings: social networks (74%). Videoconferencing (54%). And emailing/SMS (52%). Digital has also facilitated remote transactions with the use of remote payment (49%) or the establishment of E-shops (48%). Thus. 75% of advisers have developed the digital aspect of their activity or intend to do so.

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