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Women-Challenge-Mujeres-del-Bicentenario “With the aim of promoting research, gender equality and presenting women leaders, the Faculty of Business held the “ Women Challenge ” event, where topics on entrepreneurship, finance, technology, science, among others, were address,” she explain. its dean, Dr. Augusto Cáceres Rosell. During her presentation, research professor Ruth. Manzanares. Grados emphasiz the ne to have spaces that promote research and gender issues. “It is important to encourage and present scientific projects in national and international competitions that represent opportunities to gain experience,” she highlight.

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Cecilia Flores Castañon, president of Women CEO Peru , referr to the role play by leaders of organizations and their importance in working for gender equality . For her part, Adriana Ayala, a graduate of our Business School and applicant to the Diplomatic Corps of Peru , comment that women have an intersectional approach and concern for minorities, highlighting b2b leads that peace agreements tend to be more durable with female participation . in the negotiations. Jeanett Ramos and Evelin Aragón, specialists in Administration and International Business as well as Accounting and Finance , add that the research brings us closer to identifying key actions to be agents of change from the academic field.

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Third stage : seek to Close , that is, transform leads into customers. In this phase, lead scoring is usually appli , which qualifies the leads and measures their degree of interest, and lead nurturing , which fes the interest of the leads with valuable interactions to accompany them until the purchase Fresco Data of the product. Fourth stage : seeks to build customer loyalty after the purchase, convert them into a promoter of the brand and make them repeat consumers. For his part, José Jorge Mauricci , specialist at the Faculty of Business , mention that Inbound Marketing in the current business situation is essential so that organizations can make more inform decisions that can lead to promoting market development and achieving objectives.

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