Storytelling Vs Corporate Speaking

Stands out today as a means of converting an audience with inbound marketing: creating entertainment around a product or brand to encourage people to discover more. Language is a cultural good shared by the group that uses it. Jargon is thus a subset or variant of language, intended to simplify exchanges between those who master it. Very useful and practical for internal communication, jargon or corporate speaking is much less so vis-à-vis customers and prospects. It is also opposed to the idea of ​​inbound marketing, since it represents a barrier that dissuades prospects from being interested in a company or a brand. If understanding a company’s products and services requires learning a complex and difficult-to-master language, it’s very likely that few people will be won over by inbound channels.

Corporate Speaking Is a Real Repellent Prospects

The analogy with a magnet. Storytelling would attract prospects. While Corporate Speaking. With the opposite charge. Would repel them. In short. Jargon and marketing do not go together. The aim is to be clear. Concise and of course accessible. We therefore seek to avoid: Incomprehensible Eritrea Business Email List shortcuts. Initials and acronyms Permanently name products or brand solutions that are difficult to identify Hollow and boring passages on specific features Addressing too small a target of specialists in one sector Words that are too overtly commercial: interest first. Then sell! Comparison of Corporate Speaking and Storytelling There is a deep schism between storytelling. Known as outward because it is clearly oriented to interest and target the masses. And rather inward Corporate Speaking. Which only concerns a group and simplifies the language internally.

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This Inward Outward Logic Is Interesting

If we compare two magnets with opposite charges. Indeed. The jargon is intended for internal communication: it is a question of simplifying exchanges. Automating them. And saving time. In this regard. Let us remember the traders in the basket. Who. Before the appearance of Fresco Data trading communicated by signals to place orders on the stock exchange. A language that still exists in financial analysis. Mathematics. Science. But also among butchers to speak without being understood by customers. And. More recently. The jargon used in particular by bugging gangs and mafias. [Tweet storytelling: jargon has no place in communication”] But the jargon is also focused on clear and descriptive content. In short. It is not literature and its desire to maintain the desire to discover more.

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