Succeed in Selling Better in Times of Crisis

The crisis, the crisis, the crisis… It is omnipresent and keeps repeating itself. It is all the stronger in people’s minds as the media constantly harass us with pessimistic messages that push us to give up. It takes on the most discouraging aspects, but it can also stimulate our competitive spirit. Selling in these periods seems more difficult than in good times or even impossible. However, you can take advantage of the situation and increase your sales by applying the few practical tips we offer. Dig into the files of all your customers! In this situation, the principals are rethinking all of their processes. The health crisis has also clearly shown that crises have a global impact on companies, which must adapt. All departments are involved: communication, general services, production and, of course, purchasing.

In This Context of Generalized Questioning

Start your prospecting by systematically relaunching the prospects who have turned you down over the past year. In your database, you have kept the contact details of the companies with which the contact, even if it turned out to be warm, did not follow up on orders. Call them back without a Belarus Phone Number List hesitation. Play the value of your offer! Play the differentiation by adapting to your customers. What are your clients’ challenges? An increase in their sales, better productivity, a reduction in their turnover…. Through an in-depth listening, define what are the motivations of your customers, in order to best adapt to their expectations. Reconfigure your offer so that it adapts as closely as possible to the needs of the moment and make a proposal that corresponds exactly to what the customer wants.

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This in Mind, Be Creative! Present

An intelligent purchasing policy, with real service offers, which will allow you to make a difference in this context of crisis: follow-up, after-sales service, quality audit… If you are a consultant or self-employed, offer, for example, half a day of follow-up in addition to your offer, yourcustomer will be Fresco Data by your disinterestedness. In conclusion: make your offers dynamic to maintain or even increase your sales. Resist and do not sell off your rates! In times of crisis , it is essential to maintain your prices even if the temptation is strong to reduce them. Immediately present an offer including the essentials and the accessory, also called a “drawer offer”. Even if it means withdrawing the additional proposals one by one, if the advanced price scares your interlocutor. At this game, Dell is past master.

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