Tame Hummingbird, Google’s Algorithm

google has been deploying for a little over a year the new version of its algorithm called Hummingbird (Colibri). To find out what this change brings and what are the important criteria to take into account for the natural referencing of your website, we invite you to discover an infographic which summarizes all the key points, accompanied by some clarifications from us. . First of all, note that the new Google algorithm increasingly takes into account the expressions used by Internet users in their searches , and no longer simply the keywords they contain. Moreover, unlike Penguin, Hummingbird does not seek to penalize the sites, but rather to reward those who respond precisely to the requests of Internet users. Thus, you no longer only have to think about your SEO strategy in terms of keywords, but also in terms of expressions.

A Closer Look at the Specific Points to Work on

Break down user queries Initially. It will be necessary to break down the requests of Internet users. That is to say to use specific keywords . Which best summarize the search terms. Then. It will be a question of creating pages specially designed for each type of search . In order to always Singapore Business Email List as best as possible to the questions posed by Internet users’ searches. Hence the interest of having a blog on its website. Use similar search terms One of the novelties of Hummingbird is that it now takes into account the synonyms of the different keywords used . It will therefore be wise to use them. To find the synonyms of these keywords. Interpreted by Google. Just write them in the Google search bar and look at the words that appear in bold in the search results but which are not those that we wrote earlier.

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Get Mentioned on Other Sites Being

A recognized specialist in your field is now taken into account by Google for natural referencing (SEO). Google then considers you capable of responding to queries that fall within your sector (or niche). Hence the interest of having its website cited on other influential sites. To gain Fresco Data recognition . To find the ideal sites to be cited. You can analyze your competitors to find out where they have been cited and attempt to reach them there. You can also analyze their backlinks. Always in order to find influential sites in your field. Review your anchors in your content strategy As a reminder. An anchor in html is a link that allows you to go directly to a specific place on the page of a website. And anchors are very well considered by Google Hummingbird.

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