The 5 Advantages of a Webinar

The benefits of a webinar Saving time and money , as attendees watch the webinar from their desks. This removes an inconvenience related to travel for the participants, but also for the organizer. Indeed, logistical and event costs can be subtracted from the equation. Participants can thus come from different countries in the world, which is much more difficult during a physical event. We thus open up to a much larger target, offering a much wider possibility of visibility. Microsoft shared statistics from its “Microsoft Tech Days,” a conference that takes place every year. Around 19,000 participants at the event, and more than 60,000 at the webconference broadcast on a dedicated site.

Interactivity Is Increased Whenwebinar

Participants can ask questions very easily via a chat or comment system. Thus, the lecturer can see the questions scrolling by, and deal with them according to their relevance. Some tools also allow the speaker to ask a question in the form of a poll, seeing the answers displayed live. Thus, a real MOROCCO B2B EMAIL LIST is established between the speaker and the Internet user. The latter feels more invested, more interested, because we take into account his opinion and his comments directly. Complete and very precise statistics on the event. It is thus possible to know the exact number of participants, the time spent on the webinar, their commitment, their interest in a particular product or service, their origin.

B2B Email List

All this to know your strengths and weaknesses

Your knowledge of your prospects, to relaunch those most interested in your products/services. Create content , not only during the live, but also by offering the conferences in “replay”, on a Youtube channel or on a specific landing page. Subsequently, this content may be shared, and Fresco Data taken as expert content on specialized blogs for example. It is also interesting to create articles about the topics covered during the conference, in order to redirect the Internet user to your videos. If he is interested, he will probably be present during a next intervention. Lead the user to other content on your website. Thanks to Calls-To-Action placed during a webinar, it is very easy to suggest that a prospect download a white paper or consult.

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