The 8 Essential Points for an Effective Local Seo Strategy

Before starting to optimize your natural referencing on Google, it is necessary to make a complete analysis of the identity of your company. To do this, on a sheet of paper or a word processor, write down all the information about your company: name, full address, telephone number. If possible, also provide information on any media coverage of your business in local newspapers or on the Internet. Then do the same but search for this information on Google, and write down the results you find. In this way, you will already have an overview of the consistency (or inconsistency) of information on the Internet and reality, and thus detect possible problems. Let’s now see the different steps to optimally proceed with the local SEO of your business.

Working on Your Google+ Business Page

The first point to work on when you want to optimize your local SEO is to optimize your company’s Google Plus page. If you don’t have one, I urge you to create one (moreover, it’s free). First, we will take care of the general information of your page. Make sure the name, address and phone North Korea Business Email List are correct. For the description of the page, make sure that it is 400 words, and is not perceived as spam (therefore avoid placing too many keywords in the form of a cloud): everything must be natural. Also, remember to leave a professional contact address, ie with your company name such as It immediately seems more believable. Finally, it is important to have your page certified by Google, always with the aim of gaining credibility and therefore confidence with customers.

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Neglect Your Home Page Because

It Is the core of your website. And must therefore contain a maximum of information while referring to the different pages of the site. On the technical side. Pay attention to the construction of your urls. Which should include as often as possible the name of the city where the company is located. It will Fresco Data be necessary to take care of the titles of the landing pages. Which must be composed of the name of the company. A few keywords and once again the name of the city. Also remember to optimize your meta-descriptions so that they make you want to go to your site. Finally. Don’t forget to display the company’s schedules and put its contact details in the footer. Note. However. That all optimizations specific to natural referencing (SEO) are. Of course. To be taken into account.

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