The Advertising Fable or the Obsolescence of the Creative

In the advertisement (media buying), it is above all the societal phenomena that inspire us, that influence us in our narrative choices: a film that has 20 million admissions in theaters, a video that is buzzing on the internet, or a change in mores. The housewife has become an independent working girl and the man does not hesitate to put on an apron to cook. Brands have (finally) dared to attack the CSP+ family, white and healthy, while others have continued to supply us with their chimpanzees for more than 30 years. Vizier on video In the early 2000s, Vizir tapped into LGBT visibility decided to represent a single thirty-year-old who smudges the white pants he specifically wanted to wear for his evening date.

Quite Mannered, His Sexuality Is Beyond Doubt

Only does Vizir recognize this community as a potential target, but it also deals with late celibacy. Right in the target ! And Vizir asks for more! Tippex, as a wise corrector Generally, political news can be a real source of inspiration for us budding creatives. We are taking advantage of not having any real creative restrictions on briefs to bounce on what has been in the headlines for several weeks: An image of Qatar Business Email List and the civil code IKEA and newsjacking Admittedly, the announcement is obsolete, but if we look at the time (not so long ago) of its creation, we were right in the debate, so it was relevant. But that’s the game, my poor Lucette! As soon as we tackle political debates, we inevitably end up being obsolete. In the same way, the buzz from which the creatives are inspired suffer the same fate.

B2B Email List

When Ikea Reacts to Nabilla’s Allo Smart

The art of diversion But if we are interest in other social issues. Such as the difficulty of parking in large cities, then we become almost timeless. Over time, we are described as “classic” and “reference” that we divert with malicious pleasure. To the point of becoming school exercises… Smart’s ad Fresco Data with Sidaction Fenwick hijacks Adopt a Dude to advertise The logos of Pepsi and the SNCF It surely has not escaped your notice that the examples used only refer to their narrative concepts. However, the graphic concept is also the target of these changes and it too risks obsolescence. How many brands have changed their logo over time? How many advertisers have reviewed their graphic charter? Pepsi, SNCF… These big names are constantly updating their logos and charters.

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