The Art of Storytelling Applied to Web Marketing

Today I want to tell you a story! That of storytelling. Make yourself comfortable, we’re about to begin. Once upon a time, a very, very long time ago, in a distant country called the United States, there was a technique that allowed companies to sell many of their admirable products… The inhabitants of the kingdom of France did not know this technique, and they used it . discovered many years later with great joy. You’d like to know why ? We’re coming! What is storytelling? You may have understood it by reading my introduction: storytelling is the art of telling stories. Oh, I’ll stop you there right now: it’s not about “cracking” your prospects, no! Storytelling is simply getting your key messages across in a story that will captivate your targets.

This Narrative Can Be Embellished

It shouldn’t be a lie or you’ll lose your prospects’ trust in you. Many companies use storytelling in their communication, whether in the form of films, comics, video Bosnia and Herzegovina Business Email List games, or simply writing… The idea is to create a universe around your company, then to anchor your communication in this universe by telling stories that fit into it. Like the tales of our childhood, storytelling contains a message, but it is above all playful. Its primary vocation is to make the consumer dream, and therefore to create a strong emotional link between the brand and him! Behind each object, each person hides a story.

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Storytelling Brings It to Light

Behind each object hides a story… Why use storytelling American brands (Nike, Walt Disney, Apple, etc.) have been using storytelling for a long time and have seen that it builds customer loyalty. Touched by the history of a company, it will indeed be more attached to it. And it’s quite natural! Imagine that Fresco Data are facing two strangers at a party. The first tells you about very impersonal things, the weather, public transport, a few customary social events… The second, on the contrary, confides in you simply, without “big unpacking”, but with confidence and good humor. He talks to you about his childhood, what triggered his vocation, his desires, the way he sees the world.

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