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In recent times, social networks have experienced an emergence defraying all the expectations that we could make of it. Now having the first attention on social media, the two terms being regularly mixed, they are increasingly considered by companies as a serious and sustainable marketing track. 90% of leaders validate the effectiveness of social media for communication¹ As these networks become more democratic, some brands and companies have taken up the challenge of including them fully in their overall marketing strategy. Thus, you will be able to find 7 white papers, each dealing with the social media approach of a successful business: Oasis and its dazzling strategy, which, since 2009, has found a solid and coherent editorial line.

The Strategysocial Media Marketingof

The beverage brand is so effective that it now appears as the basis of all of Oasis’ product and communication strategy. By the way, did you know that Oasis’ turnover has doubled in six years, thanks in part to this effective strategic set? Barack Obama . Can we consider Barack Obama as Ethiopia Business Email List business? Certainly not, but as a mark on the other hand yes! The presidential campaign in the United States implies many human, financial and technical resources deployed. In 2012, during the re-election of Barack Obama against his opponent Mitt Romney, we were able to appreciate the omnipresence of social media in the strategy of this first, giving him an advantage over his political opponent according to various studies.

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Moreover, A simpler and less elaborate approach to itseditorial slant. Moreover, This in no way detracts from the effectiveness of the company, which proves that even the BtoB sector can succeed in imposing itself on social networks! Monoprix has taken up the challenge of Fresco Data digital and physical points of sale by integrating social media into the very heart of its strategic process. As evidenced by its ultra-colorful and hilarious packaging! The cross-channel exists, is effective, and offers Monoprix the ability to develop a fresh, dynamic image that appeals to its consumers. Starbucks only spent 1% of its turnover on advertising in 2010.

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