The Essential Qualities of a Trader

Punctuality, a basis It may seem basic, but some merchants seem to have à la carte schedules and decide whether or not to open without warning potential customers. However, nothing is worse than a customer who travels for nothing and realizes that the trade is not open when it should be. Opening delays are also to be avoided because no one likes to wait without knowing if you are really going to open or not. Note that this of course affects your turnoverimmediate but also the future figure. Your client may think twice before coming back without being sure that you are open and preferred other places for these appointments. In the event of a business meeting planned in your establishment, this can quickly become an embarrassment for him.

Difficult Attendance Management

If you plan to open later or not to do so for a certain period (holidays). The minimum remains to warn your customers by means of a word for example. The reception. Sometimes too neglected While some businesses make it a point of honor to provide a good reception. Some others Portugal phone number list to neglect it. Cafes also have a bad reputation in France. Often due in reality to a lack of staff compared to a strong demand which is concentrated at certain times of the day. Having a smile remains a minimum and politeness remains a must. Nobody wants to go to a place where the atmosphere is not good and if you are neglected and if you spend your time getting the attention of the salesman. If it is necessary to make the customer wait sometimes. Too long a delay can quickly dissuade him from returning to your business.

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Product Knowledge an Essential

However. Speed remains one of the criteria in most businesses because your customer blocks physical time in your establishment. Quality: an element that can counterbalance It is said little but sometimes quality requires time. If you cannot rely on it to serve your customer with too Fresco Data delays. It can sometimes justify a waiting time. Especially in case of affluence. The quality is. Of course. Dependent on your selling price because the higher it is. The less your customer will want to wait because the speed of service for him is part of the price. It’s often a trade-off between the wait time. The quality you offer. And your price. Be careful though because quality does not justify everything. Especially in the event of strong competition in your field.

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