The future of medicine how we will cure in the future

Medicine evolves in order to combat the diseases that most affect humanity. The future of medicine focuses on neurodegenerative diseases, caused by increased life expectancy, heart care, genetics and cancer.

The heart, a first world problem
Heart diseases are multiplying in developed countries. One of the challenges of the future will be to prevent heart diseases, especially those derived from hypertension.

Issues such as smoking or cholesterol involve risks, aging multiplies the chances of suffering from heart disease, the approach proposed by medical science is a change in habits that affects our daily habits.

This will be the future of medicine according to experts

One of the solutions proposed is 3D bioprinting. It is estimat that the first print heart will be ready in 2025, other organs can also be replac, if damaged, by mass-produc, fully functional organs.

One in eight people over 65 years of age in cell phone number list develop countries already suffers from Alzheimer’s. Scientists continue investigating in search of the causes that cause our neurons to be destroy, at the moment it is incurable, but steps are being taken so that it is the immune system itself that repairs the neurons and prevents their wear and tear.

Research is also being done in the field of the microbiome, which is made up of more than 2,000 species of microorganisms that make up our body, and which could hold the key to the appearance of diseases such as those that affect neurons.

Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative diseases

Cancer, a matter of genetics
There are many who relate the appearance of cancer to hereditary issues. Today it is about determining the causes that make the propensity for this disease inherit, but in addition, work is being done on a vaccine bas on immunotherapy, so that the healthy cells detect and attack damag cells, in this way we will have develop an effective vaccine against cancer.

Genetics, a field to explore
If there is a field of medicine that Fresco Data promises to be a protagonist in the future, it is genetics. Gene modification is now possible, and it is cheap. DNA change is already practic in cancer patients, but in the future it will have all kinds of implications.

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