The Importance of Building Social Productivity

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can’t give him any benefit..

Social productivity is about going beyond ourselves and actively helping others by investing time, knowledge, skills and physical strength.

It can be anything.

Whether it’s helping families with homework, giving our time and expertise to a community project or leading a national campaign for a cause we truly believe in.

The core of social productivity is service to society As Muslims

Starting with our own family, neighbors, local Phone Number List community, to help the community and humanity.

It is very sad when we see how few Muslims in various walks of life are really willing to face the challenges the world is facing and try to find solutions for them.

Although a quarter of the world’s population consists of Muslims, our contribution to society does not reflect this ratio.

Where are the intellectuals in the Islamic world?

If we really believe that we are the best ummah sent to mankind, then we have to take the responsibility of leading these missions.

For that, we need to understand social productivity.

Islam emphasizes a lot about the importance of helping others in everyday life

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If we notice, most Islamic worship is based Fresco Data on community rather than personal or individual actions:

The shahadah sentence1which we pronounce is done with at least two witnesses.
Prayers are encouraged to be done in congregation.
Zakat is where the rich give part of their property to the poor.
Fasting during the month of Ramadan is done together as a Muslim should fast and break his fast with his community.
Hajj is performed with all Muslims around the world in one place.
When the Prophet SAW first arrived in Medina, one of the main things he said to his followers was:

O people, feed the hungry, spread greetings, maintain family ties, and pray at night when others are sleeping. With this you will enter heaven calmly.

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