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Forming multidisciplinary teams strengthens skills and contributes to bridging the gender gaps that our country faces,” they not.learn more about the agreement between ey and upn that will benefit our faculty of business students. Agreement with ernst & young ey with the recent renewal of the agreement between upn and ernst & young ( ey ), an international the Portfolio of consulting, auditing, finance, tax and strategy firm, each academic year seven of our students in the accounting and finance degree at the faculty of business will continue to access to significant financial benefits and pre-professional internships at ey .

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Scholarship students are grant 50% of the value of academic rights in the cycle following subscription; as well as the option of pre-professional internships at EY, with the possibility of pursuing a career path in the future. It should be not that this agreement began in the 2018-2 cycle and more than 40 students have already benefit, says Dr. Augusto Cáceres Rosell , dean of the faculty. “The scholarship business email list help me see various accounting and finance topics. It was very gratifying because of the teachings provid, it contribut to my professional training to develop internal control and auditing competence that is reflect today in my professional experience,” says Diana Herrera, student of the Accounting and Finance degree .

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Xiomara Ruiz, also a student of the degree, highlights that her experience at EY is very enriching and believes that thanks to this opportunity she can have better training for her professional future. Our student Yérika Borda, for her part, adds the following: “EY gave me the opportunity to apply what I learn, to work Fresco Data as a team and today I the Portfolio of find myself working in the organization.”After the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, our student Lourdes Kcomt manages a growing family business: Acaes. Lourdes Kcomt Acaes Family business These years of pandemic have been a challenge for many family businesses, especially for SMEs, which represent 99.

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