The software with free trial perfect for clinics

The free Clinic Cloud demo is the most suitable solution for medical clinics that are starting their activity and need a cloud manager.

With the Clinic Cloud demo you have many of the functions of the Clinic Cloud software. The free version serves as a base to start with a patient registry in the cloud from the first moment, while you begin to manage various aspects of the clinic digitally.

This week we look at all the features included in the free version of Clinic Cloud.

Free registration and permanence
Registration in Clinic Cloud is free, in addition, none of our plans, free or paid, have permanence.

We don’t want you to pay more, that’s why we eliminate the registration fee. If you use the Clinic Cloud demo you can use it completely free of charge during the 15-day trial, without any hidden payment.

Appointments patients and agendas

The registration of appointments and patients is essential for any type of clinic, with Clinic Cloud you have an appointment and patient registration module from cell phone lists the free version, as well as different customizable agenda modules.

You can also manage up to 300 medical records. The free software allows you to work with a package of 300 patients that you can register in the cloud.

All data, both personal and medical, of your patients is stored in the cloud and protected, complying with current data protection laws.

Beyond professional management, the free version of Clinic Cloud also allows you to manage the financial part of your clinic. Our software includes cash functions and income and expense control, so you can control the financial aspect of your clinic.

Cash expenses and income management

One of the most useful features of the free version of Clinic Cloud is automatic patient notifications. Via SMS, the software itself is responsible for sending a message to patients whose appointments are upcoming.

Data protection and encrypted communications
Security is essential when storing data, especially in medical environments. The free Clinic Cloud demo complies with all legal requirements related to data protection and, in addition, has an encrypted communication system that prevents attacks that put information at risk.

Do you need more functions? Check out our paid versions
With the paid versions of Clinic Cloud you Fresco Data will have many more functions aimed at clinic management in the cloud. Follow this link and learn about everything we offer you from Clinic Cloud.

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