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 The websites mention The competition might promote many events, or be popular enough to be naturally link to many times by many sources. After analyzing the case, you can find out if the competitor conducts special activities aim at the backlinks receiv, or if it happens spontaneously. Plus, backlink analysis is a great way to discover new places to get links for your website. d) Technology It may be that your website has not yet been creat and the competition analysis is aim at researching the market. In this case, it is worth looking at the technology with which competitor websites are creat.

Did they choose traditional

Or modern solutions? Pay special attention seo expate bd to the site’s architecture. A good website architecture is one that allows you to find the main information quickly and efficiently. Here you should pay attention to the arrangement of elements and their availability. The main element is also to check which of the site’s directories generates the largest share of traffic. You can analyze this too with the ahref tool. Another important element is page loading spe, which has been a hot topic for a long time.

From the point of view

Of how Google’s search engine strongly Fresco Data insists on the performance of your website, you should compare the results of your competition and your own. Another problem is adapting the website to mobile devices. Below you can see the comparison for mobile page spe results for paw and its main competitor The results for both websites are not good and the pages are consider slow, however, the results for are better. Source: PageSpe ​​Insights It’s also worth taking a look at the content just mention. If your competition has separate blog sections, it is worth investing in a blog section on the emerging.

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