These Original Gifts to Offer to Your Customers

Business gifts: amount, type and reasons The business gift marketwas valued at around 850 million euros in 2016. Many companies are turning to this kind of process to maintain a link with their customers. A study conducted by Omyagué (trade show specializing in business gifts, editor’s note) shows that the budgets devoted by companies to this type of gift are increasing: the percentage of companies spending less than €30 fell by 43% in 2016 to 38% in 2017 but conversely the percentage of those allocating from €150 to €500 went from 5.5% to 8.5%. According to the same study, the types of products most valued by companies for their customers are 45.5% alcoholic beverages such as wines, champagnes.

Atypical High-Tech or Office Products

Spirits, 41.5% gourmet products and 40.5% of office accessories, such as pens and diaries. According to an infographic by All About Gifts & Baskets, the top reasons companies give these gifts are 89% to thank a customer, 87% to get exposure, and 55% to build a lasting relationship with Panama phone number list customer. prospect. Discover some original presents. Personalized gifts of all kinds Personalizing gifts with a note for customers can add value. Personalization remains a good way to show them that you give special consideration and to show that you know your interlocutor well. There are countless gift ideas in this sector. But to show modernity and originality, products in particular can attract attention and mark the spirits.

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Everything Vegetable Related

Why not offer edible things like chocolates, cakes or candies, with thank you messages or slogans that reflect your company’s vision or values? Mokaya, a French start-up that is revolutionizing luxury pastry, offers tailor-made chocolate boxes. Thanks to their design and 3D printing technologies, it highlights Fresco Data sharing box, which includes 25 chocolates made by prestigious pastry chefs such as Christelle Brua and Christophe Michalak according to their own recipe. As for the Mixed box and the unique Box, a personalized unique piece is staged. You can then design a part that corresponds to your activity like a mini car if you are in the automotive sector or if you are in the sports sector, a football. It will cost an average of 40 to 80 euros for a box.

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