Succeed in Selling Better in Times of Crisis

In this situation, the principals are rethinking all of their processes. The health crisis has also clearly shown that crises have a global impact on companies, which must adapt. All departments are involved: communication, general services, production and, of course, purchasing. In this context of generalized questioning, start your prospecting by systematically relaunching the prospects who have turned you down over the past year. In your database, you have kept the contact details of the companies with which the contact, even if it turned out to be warm, did not follow up on orders. Call them back without a moment’s hesitation. Play the value of your offer! Jouez la différenciation en vous adaptant à vos clients.

In Conclusion Make Your Offers Dynamic

Maintain or even increase your sales. Resist and do not sell off your rates! In times of crisis , it is essential to maintain your prices even if the temptation is strong to reduce them. Immediately present an offer including the essentials and the accessory, also called a “drawer offer”. Even if it Chile phone numbers list withdrawing the additional proposals one by one, if the advanced price scares your interlocutor. At this game, Dell is past master. Its PCs are offered full of options, which the customer can eliminate or add as the sale progresses. But he often ends up keeping at least one. It is also important in times of crisis, not to panic! Don’t have the “promotions, discounts, rebates” reflex.

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Prefer Maintaining the Price and Safeguarding

Margins with additional services in return. One of the keys to success in selling in times of crisis will therefore be to rework your offer on its differentiation and not only on its pricing issue. React faster than your competitors! This, of course, requires training to have the intellectual speed to Fresco Data your offer and adapt it to your client’s current needs. Customers now want immediate solutions that are quick to implement. The right reaction is then to respond positively to the client’s desire by retorting, for example: “we’ll do it for you, it’s not a problem. Because you know your ability to adapt. It is crucial to respond quickly and capture the attention of your customer: master your sales process to make a success of your closing, the famous art of closing the sale and its payment.

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