What Is Guest Blogging and How to Practice It

What is the principle of guest blogging? Guest blogging is a technique for animating your blog which allows both to benefit from the notoriety of the guest author and thus to attract new readers. More specifically, a blogger can invite a person, generally an expert in his field, so that the latter produces an article presenting his vision of his profession, advice, etc. This is free of charge. The guest blog is based on a principle of reciprocity and a win-win relationship. That is to say that guest blogging will allow the blogger to feed his blog with content while diversifying his production and appropriating the notoriety of the expert. For his part, the expert will benefit from the visibility of the blog which can bring him new prospects.

Indeed, the Article Will Be Read

The regular readers of the host blog, and will allow the guest blogger’s article to be distribut through the latter’s means of content promotion (social networks, partners, RSS feed…). Visitors will thus be able to discover the author of the article, which will have the effect of increasing his Lebanon phone number list and attracting new visitors to his blog. Many bloggers have made themselves known through Guest Blogging. Guest blogging is also an opportunity to develop a netlinking quality with a view SEO, thanks to backlinks contained in the article. It should be noted, however, that these practices are increasingly monitored by Google, which sometimes considers that the links thus created are artificial.

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For the Host for the Host

Guest blogging is an opportunity to enrich the content of his blog with articles he has not written. The SEO “juice” brought by this article is also to the credit of the host blog. Guest Blogging and SEO In addition, it is important to emphasize that this link (also called backlink) is very important in terms of natural referencing for the guest blogger. Indeed, in the eyes of Google , it will be a transfer of popularity between the Fresco Data publisher site and the guest blogger site. What is the point of guest blogging? The practice of guest blogging will help develop: relationships between bloggers create a faithful community improve natural referencing by inserting links to the guest blogger’s site the visibility of the 2 websites benefit from everyone’s network Tips for Finding a Blog Host Before posting.

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