Too Many Proposals Kill the Proposal

The consumer often perceives too wide a range as a synonym of low quality. This is all the more true in catering where each product must be selected. You can’t be the best everywhere and offering too wide a range can do you a disservice. A proposal on a few products in general is enough to show that you are the specialist in this field and that you are efficient. Conversely, too many products generally reflect that you are trying to seduce the customer at all costs without discerning their expectations. It is therefore often better to try to choose the products according to your target customers rather than trying to sell everything and anything. You are not optimizing your costs Who says extended range often implies that you are not optimizing your costs.

Already, Buying in Bulk Often Allows

A price reduction. Using multiple suppliers costs you more. If only in transportation costs and in terms of management time. Even with a single supplier. It is easier to negotiate the price of a product than several. Especially if you are placing a larger order. Your storage becomes complex Having a Dominican republic phone numbers list range leads to having a larger storage capacity. Inventory management thus becomes more difficult and you devote more time to this function. It becomes necessary to better organize yourself in order to quickly find the items you need. It is also likely that you will have more wastage and that you will have to throw away some of your items that have become obsolete or expired.

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You Will Then Have to Take

This loss into account to set your prices. The customer can get lost and waste his time selecting To sell. You have to understand the customer’s needs and then offer them the right items that correspond to them. If your offer is too extensive. The customer can get lost and discouraged. You Fresco Data only have to go to a general site to see the consequences of an offer that is too general. The more your customer is encouraged to click on numerous products. The more he will tend not to complete his process because he does not discern the differences apart from those of price. The breadth of the range may possibly raise new questions for him because he had not thought of certain elements that will dissuade him from buying.

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