Types of medical software and their use in clinics

Online management in medicine is increasingly common. The appearance of different types of medical software such as Clinic Cloud has made it possible to apply technology to health, facilitating all types of procedures. On this occasion we review the types of medical software that currently exist and what their main application is in medicine.Simulation robotics is a fundamental tool today for learning and developing medical knowledge. Medical simulation technology allows a healthcare worker to prepare to acquire a series of knowledge, in an environment similar to what would be found in reality.

Medical simulation technology

This type of software builds a simulation that is absolutely faithful to real cases, preparing healthcare workers so that they can carry out their activity phone lists from the moment they join healthcare activity.

There are medical software programs that function as databases, such as Clinic Cloud. Each medical center has a series of needs, among the most common tools is the management of medical records. With Clinic Cloud you can digitize all your patients’ records. There are specific programs for managing medical appointments, in this case its task is to organize patient visits and the schedules of health personnel. In Clinic Cloud you have an integrated appointment management module so you can organize your clinic schedules online

Medical appointment management

Medical research software
Another possibility is research software. Nowadays, medical research is highly technical, and very specific technological resources are need to advance current medical research.

This type of software is usually very specific, since it is orient towards a very specific task.

Medical planning software
This digital tool is focus on the professional. What it seeks is to offer practical solutions for the daily life of healthcare personnel, from agenda management to the application of alarms for tasks.

Medical management with Clinic Cloud
In Clinic Cloud you have software in which all the tools you ne to manage your clinic are integrated. In addition to managing appointments, databases  Fresco Data and planning, you can manage specific modules for financial management, share the information you want and protect all your information based on the Organic Law on Data Protection.

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